What We Do

Cavaso Farming has had a long association with irrigated agriculture and currently produces cotton, wheat, maize, prunes and beef cattle.


Cotton has become one of Cavaso Farming’s largest crop rotations since we began growing in 2011. We typically grow around 1200ha in the summer and our methods have gained BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) accreditation and MyBMP (Best Management Practices) certification. We encourage controlled traffic where possible and employ an Integrated Pest management strategy (a program that helps encourage beneficial insects and protects bees). 

Cavaso Farming is constantly striving to employ new innovations in this field and worked hard on land forming and integrating new technologies to water our crops as effectively and efficiently as best possible. We use siphon and bank-less channel irrigation systems to water these crops and bio-security and weed control rotations are one of our top priorities. Although Cotton is not a food crop, there are still tight regulations around record-keeping and tracking inputs. Our record-keeping systems at Cavaso Farming have been acknowledged by MyBMP as meticulous, as we are committed to providing quality products to our suppliers. Also an extensive preventative maintenance programme is also undertaken before commencing our various harvests. This is a costly and time-consuming process that is completely beneficial to ensure a generally problem-free harvest. Our two cotton pickers can harvest up to 3500 modules over a 6-week period during this time. Due to our attention to detail in our preventative maintenance and our daily maintenance regimes of these machines, we usually see only minor breakdowns.

In 2017, Cavaso Farming was named the Monsanto Australian Cotton Grower of the Year at the first award’s ceremony to be hosted in the Riverina. A year on from this achievement, Cavaso Farming hosted a field day at the Ringwood property to showcase their operation and share their experience with the industry. For more on the recent achievements of Cavaso Farming head over to our media page. 


Cavaso Farming has been growing integrated wheat in our winter rotation since the 1980s. The production of wheat has become an important rotational component of our cropping programme.

Currently, we have approximately 1200ha of durum wheat that is produced and sold to export, interstate and to local markets.  A significant grain storage complex enables flexible delivery throughout the year. We have a 10000T Silo Storage capability that is available at three sites, Woodlands, Ringwood and Rosewood.


Cavaso Farming is the largest grower of Prunes in the Riverina with approximately 170ha of orchard area planted over three different sites producing fresh fruit and prunes. When Tony Toscan first purchased Cavaso in 1969, he began with growing a 10ha prune orchard, which he has nurtured to the magnitude it is today. 

We pick our prunes towards the end of Summer and we have extensive infrastructure mainly cool rooms, drying tunnels, tray-loading, and unloading automation lines and storage. We have our own processing and drying facilities on-site, which enables Cavaso Farming to dry prunes for transportation. During this time it is all hands on deck as the harvest must be completed as timely as possible.

Cavaso Farming’s prune operation is HACCAP accredited and AQA Certified. We transport the majority of our harvest to Angus Park in Loxton North, South Australia. As everything ends up for human consumption, traceability is paramount and we pride ourselves on being able to provide our suppliers information on exactly which inputs have been applied to our trees.


In the past, row cropping (particularly maize) has been a greater part of the Cavaso Farming’s Summer programme, but due to the refocus on specialising in our more prominent crops, it has scaled down in recent years. We have been growing maize for over thirty years and we are seen in the industry as a quality producer. 

Beef Cattle

Currently Cavaso Farming has 100 head of Beef Cattle, which are often a top sale at the Wagga Cattle Sale.

Cavaso Farming is a dynamic farming business encompassing several properties based in the Darlington Point/ Coleambally area, South West New South Wales.

Cavaso Farming has been owned and operated by the Toscan family since 1969. Over the last 50 years, we have seen three generations of farmers build the aggregation to now consist of four farms in the Darlington Point area and five farms within the Coleambally Irrigation Area (CIA).


Join our Team

Cavaso Farming is a dynamic farming business and as we expand we often have new roles that become available.

Cavaso Farming currently employs a team of 10-12 permanent employees and sometimes up to 25 casual employees work alongside the team. We love developing and educating our team on a daily basis and our management team is committed to discovering new ways of making Cavaso Farming the best operation we can. We employ a lot on the job training and the majority of our permanent team members have been with us for at least five years.

Main Sites

Cavaso Main Office

14713 Sturt Highway, Darlington Point NSW 2706

For enquiries all enquiries please contact our main office. 


14713 Sturt Highway, Darlington Point NSW 2706

If you need to contact the Cavaso farm directly please call Tony Toscan.


14382 Sturt Highway, Darlington Point NSW 2706

If you need to contact the Riverdale farm directly please call Matthew Toscan.


7491 Kidman Way, Darlington Point NSW 2706

If you need to contact the Cavaso farm directly please call James Toscan.


Frazer Rd, Coleambally NSW 2707

If you need to contact the Cavaso farm directly please call Matt Toscan.